The Prefect system in St. Fergal’s is an opportunity for 6th-year students to become involved in the management of the school. It is a chance for them to use the Skills and Qualities they have developed over the 5/6 years they have spent with us and to contribute in a more personal way to the living ethos of the school.

Prefects are predominantly used as Mentors to our incoming 1st-year cohort. They are a friendly, welcoming face for our new students, many of whom are nervous sometimes even fearful of this new experience. Our Prefects guide them through their first few days in St. Fergal’s, showing them around the school, familiarising them with their new surroundings, their timetables, teachers etc. They are invaluable as the first point of contact with the newcomers. Throughout the year they maintain contact with their students, checking in to make sure they have settled in and are engaging socially. They are instrumental in organising outings for the 1st years to get to know each other and to “connect “ to the school.

Prefects are also encouraged to embrace aspects of school life that they may feel strongly about and/or they feel can impact positively on the school environment. So, in the past, we have had Prefects who have used their position to raise awareness of Cultural and Social issues such as Music, Sport, Environment, Pride etc. In doing so they have invariably embellished the values of St. Fergal’s.

In addition 2 of the Prefects will be chosen as Head Boy and Girl to represent the prefect system and the student body, particularly on social or educational occasions. This great honour is given to those students who embody the ethos and values of St. Fergal’s in how they conduct themselves in their school lives.