Homework Policy

St. Fergals College Homework Policy

The rationale for Homework.

Homework is an integral part of the learning process. Learning continues through the completion of homework. Teachers assign homework for a variety of reasons e.g. :

  • To review and practice what has been learned in class during the day;
  • To explore subjects in greater depth than is allowed by class time;
  • To practice new skills and concepts and become competent in their use;
  • To introduce students to independent learning for completion of projects;
  • To carry out preparatory work for the next class;
  • To develop study skills and encourage independence, self-discipline and responsibility.

Homework provides a link between school and home and gives parents/guardians the opportunity to reinforce the importance of learning.

Types of Homework.

Homework may be short term i.e. due the next day or long term e.g. the completion of a project. It may take the form of :

  • Written work ;
  • Practical work ;
  • Oral work ;
  • Revision of material already covered ;
  • Or the learning of new material.


Parent’s/Guardian’s Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the Student’s Journal on a daily basis  and ensuring homework is completed on time and to the appropriate standard;
  • Liaising with teachers via notes in the Journal and signing it daily/weekly as required.
  • Encouraging a positive attitude to the completion of homework;
  • Becoming involved with the student’s learning and giving help and encouragement with difficult assignments.

Student’s Responsibilities:

  • Checking to ensure all books, Journal, P.E. gear, Art kit, pencil case etc. are in your schoolbag ready for homework, study  or class the next day;
  • Finding a quiet place for homework/study and establishing a planned study routine;
  • Avoiding distractions such as TV, radio, phones etc.;
  • Ensuring all homework is completed neatly, accurately and on time;
  • Using a dictionary to check the spelling of difficult subject-specific words;
  • Highlighting keywords, phrases and topics for revision;
  • Testing yourself regularly to check your understanding and learning.

Teacher’s Responsibilities :

  • Writing  homework on the board if appropriate  and allowing time for it to be entered into the Journal;
  • Liaising with parents via notes in the Student Journal;
  • Giving constructive and practical feedback on completed assignments;
  • Giving advice on revision and study skills relevant to their subject area.

Student Journal.

Each student is given a Student Journal at the beginning of the school year to record details of homework for each school day. The Journal must be kept neatly and free from any graffiti. Lost or defaced Journals must be replaced (at a cost of €25 currently). The Journal remains the property of St. Fergal’s College at all times.

Students should carefully record the instructions for their homework for each class. If no written homework is assigned it is automatically assumed that revision of the day’s work is undertaken. There should be an entry in the Homework Journal for each class of the day. When homework is completed it should be marked as done in the space provided.

If a student is absent from class for any reason s/he should find out what work was covered, what homework was given and have it completed before the next class.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Parents/Guardians sign the Journal daily/weekly as instructed by the relevant Year Head.

  Recommended Homework/Study Timetable:

1st year: 10-12 hours per week.  (2 hours minimum per day, Monday-Friday.)

2nd & 3rd year:    12 -14 hours per week.  (2.5 hours minimum per day, Monday-Friday.)

Senior Cycle:     18 -22 hours per week. (3 hours minimum per day, Mon-Sat/Sun.)

 Sanctions for non-completion of Homework

  1. Note in Student Journal.
  2. Detention/lunchtime detention may be given to students if the problem persists.
  3. Parents/Guardians may be invited to meet with the relevant Year Head to discuss ongoing problems with homework.

Ratified by the Board of Management: Sept. 2012.